Which phone company has the best deals right now

With so many carriers and plan options, it can be hard to decipher which phone company really has the best deals. Phone plan promotions change frequently, so it pays to stay on top of current offers. Here is a rundown of some of the best phone deals available right now.

Verizon Verizon frequently offers attractive discounts for new customers switching from other carriers. They are currently offering up to $1000 to cover switching costs when you move to Verizon. This deal includes paying off your device installment balance from your old carrier. Verizon also has iPhone and Samsung deals for new lines including hundreds of dollars off with select trade-in devices. Their Welcome Unlimited plan is just $25/month per line for four lines.

AT&T AT&T has upped the ante to attract new subscribers. Right now they offer up to $1000 in bill credits to switchers, including covering your phone balance payoff from the old carrier. New and existing users can get the iPhone 14 Pro for free with an unlimited data plan and trade-in of an iPhone 8 or newer. AT&T PREPAID has a new unlimited data plan for just $50/month.

T-Mobile T-Mobile really started the carrier price wars with their Uncarrier movement. They now offer new customers up to $1000 to pay off old phone bills and cancellation fees when switching. Existing customers can get big discounts on Samsung devices like the Galaxy S22 for free with trade-ins. Their Essentials unlimited data plan starts at just $30/month per line.

Verizon MVNOs Verizon MVNOs like Straight Talk and Total Wireless run on the solid Verizon network while offering lower prices. Straight Talk has a $35/month for 25GB data on the Verizon network. Total Wireless has unlimited talk and text with 15GB data for $34/month. Bring your own phone and save more.

T-Mobile MVNOs MVNOs that use T-Mobile’s network like Mint Mobile and Tello offer affordable prepaid plans. Mint Mobile has unlimited talk and text with 4GB LTE data for just $15/month for 3 months. Tello has customizable prepaid plans with unlimited talk and text plus 1GB data for $10/month.

Prepaid Carriers Beyond major carrier MVNOs, prepaid carriers like Boost and Cricket have competitive monthly plans under $50 with lots of data. Boost has an unlimited data, talk and text plan for $50/month. Cricket’s unlimited plan is $55/month. Both offer extra discounts for signing up multiple lines.

Bundled Plans Bundling services like wireless, home internet, and cable TV can yield monthly savings with carriers like Xfinity Mobile and Spectrum Mobile. Xfinity Mobile gives $100-$300 in Visa cards for switching plus savings when bundling multiple services.

Employer Discounts Check for exclusive carrier discounts through your employer, university, or organization. Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile all offer special deals of 15-25% off monthly service for employees of partner organizations.

With frequent new promos and plan offerings, it pays to stay on the lookout for phone plan deals. But based on current promotions, Verizon, AT&T, and T-Mobile are duking it out with big switcher incentives. Prepaid carriers like Mint and Boost offer affordable service on major networks. Always read the fine print and calculate total costs to ensure deal conditions provide genuine savings that match your usage needs.

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