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How to Transfer Your Spectrum Internet Service to a New Home


Spectrum offers high-speed fiber internet across the country. When you’re moving to a new home, you’ll likely want to bring your Spectrum internet service with you. Transferring your Spectrum account to your new address is easy and prevents any disruptions in your home connectivity.

In this guide, we’ll explain the process of transferring Spectrum internet when you move. With some advance planning and following the right steps, you can make the transition seamless and avoid being without the internet.

Give Spectrum Advance Notice of Your Move

The most important step is notifying Spectrum as soon as you know your move date. Call or chat with their customer service team and provide them:

  • Your current Spectrum account information, including your account number
  • The exact date you are moving out of your current home
  • The address of where you are moving to

Spectrum will check if your new address is serviceable by their network. As long as Spectrum can provide high-speed internet to your new home, they will be able to transfer service.

Schedule Disconnection at Your Current Address

You must call Spectrum to explicitly disconnect your internet service at your current home. This process stops billing at that address on your transfer date.

When scheduling disconnection:

  • Provide your move out date so service stops on this date
  • Return your Spectrum equipment from your current home like the modem and router
  • Cancel any other Spectrum services at that address like TV or phone

Scheduling disconnection avoids charges for service after you move. Return equipment promptly to avoid being charged unreturned equipment fees.

Schedule Installation at Your New Address

The next step is scheduling Spectrum internet installation at your new home:

  • Pick an installation date after your move-in date so service starts when you live there.
  • Choose a self-install kit or technician installation depending on your needs.
  • Request any additional services like TV or phone if you want Spectrum bundles.
  • Make sure your new home address is serviceable before scheduling.

Schedule installation 1-2 weeks out from your move date to allow time for equipment delivery.

Transfer Your Spectrum Account

To move your Spectrum account to the new address:

  • Update your account details and billing information with your new address.
  • Keep your current Spectrum username and password active.
  • Confirm any changes to your services and monthly charges based on new promotions and fees.
  • Set up autopay or update your card on file if needed to prevent payment issues after transferring.

Keeping your existing Spectrum account makes moving service simpler without disrupting your internet.

Activate Service at Your New Home

Once at your new home, set up your internet with the self-install kit or technician help. Confirm your service is live by:

  • Connecting your devices to the new in-home WiFi network
  • Running a speed test to check for fast Spectrum internet speeds
  • Logging into your Spectrum account online to manage and pay your bill

With a few easy steps for activation, you’ll have your Spectrum internet running in no time at your new home.


Transferring Spectrum internet service only takes a phone call and scheduling installation at your new address. Give Spectrum notice well ahead of your move date to ensure the process goes smoothly. Follow each step carefully to avoid any gaps in your home internet connectivity. With Spectrum’s reliable customer service, you can stay online through your big move.

Updated: November 13, 2023 — 5:44 pm

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