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Tips for streaming your gaming online


1. Choose a streaming platform: Popular options include Twitch, YouTube Gaming, Facebook Gaming, and Mixer. Consider which platform has the audience you want to reach.

2. Get a good internet connection: Streaming requires a stable, high-speed internet upload speed, usually at least 6Mbps for 1080p 60fps.

3. Invest in a good webcam and microphone: A high-quality webcam and external microphone will provide clear video and audio for your viewers.

4. Use streaming software: Popular free options include OBS Studio and Streamlabs OBS. This software captures your gameplay and webcam feed.

5. Optimize your settings: In your streaming software, adjust settings like resolution, bitrate, encoder, etc. to find the right balance between quality and performance.

6. Promote your stream: Let friends/followers know when you’ll be live. Use social media, forums, and streaming directories to attract new viewers.

7. Interact with viewers: Having an engaging personality and interacting with your audience via chat is key to building a following.

8. Be consistent: Establishing a consistent streaming schedule helps build an audience that knows when to tune in.

9. Consider overlays/alerts: Tools like Stream Elements can add fun overlays, alerts for donations/subscriptions to enhance your streams.

The most important things are having the right gear, optimizing your broadcasting settings, and providing entertaining content that engages your viewers. Consistency is also key to growing an audience.

Here are some tips specifically for streaming computer games online:


– A powerful gaming PC or laptop with a decent CPU and GPU to run games smoothly while also encoding the stream.
– Dual PC setup can be ideal – one PC for gaming, one for encoding/streaming to minimize performance impact.
– A webcam like the Logitech C920 or Razer Kiyo for your face cam.
– An external USB microphone like the Blue Yeti or HyperX QuadCast for high-quality audio.


– OBS Studio (Open Broadcaster Software) is the most popular free software for game streaming on PC.
– Streamlabs OBS is another free option built on OBS with some added tools.
– Set up Game Capture in OBS to capture your game window or entire display.
– Add overlays, alerts, webcam, microphone audio in OBS scenes.


– A fast and stable internet connection is crucial, at least 6Mbps upload speed recommended.
– Wired Ethernet connection is ideal, Wi-Fi can cause dropped frames.
– You may need to allow/forward ports on your router for the streaming software.

Streaming Settings:

– In OBS, use GPU encoder like NVENC if Nvidia GPU or AMF if AMD GPU.
– Stream at 720p 30fps for most games, 1080p 60fps for fast motion.
– Set reasonable bitrates like 3500-6000 kbps depending on your upload speed.

Other Tips:

– Follow Twitch/YouTube rules and community guidelines.
– Engage with your viewers via chat, play games viewers enjoy watching.
– Be consistent with a schedule, utilize social media to promote.
– Consider joining a community like a Twitch team to meet others.

With the right hardware, optimized settings, and an engaging personality – computer game streaming can become a fun hobby or income source.

Updated: March 15, 2024 — 5:15 pm

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